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Standard Terms of Business

Quotations, 14 day cooling off period and warranties

  1. Quotations are valid and open for acceptance for a period of 28 days from the quotation date, after which it may be subjected to confirmation or adjustment unless otherwise agreed.
  2. The quotation is an offer to carry out the work detailed and for the sum quoted, with VAT at the prevailing rate applying at the time.
  3. The customer has a 14 day “cooling-off period” to exercise the right to cancel the contract formed when accepting this quotation starting from the date of receipt of the “notice of right to cancel”.
  4. Benjamin James Roofing Limited offer a Workmanship Guarantee on new roofing work. This does not apply to repairs or maintenance. Where a Workmanship Guarantee applies this will be explicitly confirmed at quotation stage. Terms of our guarantee are detailed separately.
  5. Additional warranties for new roofing works are available at additional cost to the customer (unless otherwise stated) to provide cover in the event that Benjamin James Roofing Limited cease trading during the warranty period. These should be discussed if required at quotation stage.
  6. Any changes to the scope of works will be quoted separately and agreed with the customer prior to commencement of the work.


  1. Benjamin James Roofing Limited shall have in place adequate insurance cover in respect of employer’s and public liability

Products & materials

  1. Samples, if submitted to approval, to be accepted showing substance & general character only.  Equality of bulk in colour, size or shape cannot be guaranteed.
  2. All materials delivered to the site by us, or to our order are to remain our property until fixed by our staff on our instructions or until paid for.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Benjamin James Roofing Limited and the customer any materials stripped by Benjamin James Roofing Limited in re-roofing contracts shall become Benjamin James Roofing Limited’s property.


  1. Full payment should be made following completion of the works and upon submission of our account.
  2. In some instances, a deposit or stage payments may be required for the  purchase of materials and scaffolding costs and / or to cover expenses on larger projects lasting several weeks or more. These will be mutually agreed between the customer and Benjamin James Roofing Limited and indicated where required at quotation stage. In these instances, payment should be made by the customer  upon submission of our account.

Service execution

  1. Acceptance of this quotation is subject to materials & labour being available when required and scheduling of the work at a mutually agreed date.
  2. No responsibility will be taken for any delay, loss or damages caused or inclement weather, changes of design or specification or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  3. Care will be taken when working on roofs but Benjamin James Roofing Limited shall not be responsible for damages to ceilings, walls, gutters or the building fabric, if such items are found to be defective before or during commencement of work or where damage is caused by unavoidable vibration.
  4. This quotation is based on works being executed during normal working hours.

Health & Safety

  1. The customer shall supply a safe connection to suitable electricity mains supply & provide water when required.
  2. Benjamin James Limited shall be responsible for the Health & Safety of its employees and sub-contractors


  1. In the event of a complaint the customer should contact Ben Charlton, Director to seek resolution in the first instance. If this cannot be resolved, the complaint should be confirmed in writing and sent by post to our operating address or by email to [email protected]. A copy of our complaints policy is available on request.

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