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Frequently Asked Question's
Why is scaffolding required, some of the quotations I have received don’t include this?

Unfortunately scaffolding is sometimes required to complete the work safely. Where this is required, this is sourced through an independent supplier, costs for which are passed through with no additional margin.

We recognise this can significantly add to the cost but the health and safety of our employees, customers and the general public is paramount to us and we cannot take short cuts. It also exposes us to prosecution with unlimited fines and potential imprisonment should we fail to comply current Health and Safety Legislation.

Will a deposit be required for the works?
Deposits are sometimes required where the overall cost of materials is significant and these need to be purchased immediately prior to commencing work. Any deposit will be in proportion to the overall costs and mutually agreed once a quotation has been accepted prior to the commencement of the work.
Will stage payments be required?
For larger scale work where the costs of a project are significant and the project duration more than 1 or 2 days, stage payments may be required to assist with the ongoing cost of materials, scaffolding and labour. These will be in proportion to the overall costs quoted and mutually agreed once a quotation has been accepted and before any work commences. The final stage payment will always be scheduled after the successful completion of the works.
Can I pay by credit card??
We do accept payments by Visa Debit card but not by Credit Card at this time. Most customers choose to pay by Bank Transfer on completion of the works.
What’s included in the quotation?
Quotations will be provided for all work (usually in pdf form by email) with the exception of small emergency repairs. These will include the cost of labour, materials and the removal of all waste. We will also specify the materials to be used and the full extent of the proposed works. When comparing quotations please consider any variation in the scope of works and the materials being used, this can sometimes be quite misleading in terms of cost when comparing on a 'like for like' basis. The truism 'the devil is in the detail' is usually correct.
Will the work have a guarantee?
All new roof coverings will come with a guarantee (some up to 25 years). A certificate will be issued by us on completion of the work. Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee repairs works where new roof coverings are not employed for obvious reasons. We will however do our utmost to resolve issues in a sensible fashion and the limitations of any repair work will be discussed when assessing and agreeing the work to be undertaken.
Will there be any additional costs?
Refurbishment work can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems, for example when an existing flat roof covering is exposed revealing problems with the sub-structure underneath. In these instances, we will agree any additional costs with you before progressing with the work. We will also try our very best to ensure the cost of any unexpected remedial work is kept to a minimum. We don’t like giving bad news and will do our utmost to signpost potential problems well in advance at quotation stage but sometimes this isn’t always possible. Indicatively this happens in less than 5% of our projects.
Are you fully insured?

Our current insurance cover includes:

Public liability Insurance cover in place for £2 million – this covers Benjamin James Roofing Limited for injury, disease or damage to people we do not employ, for example visitors.

Employee liability Insurance cover in place for £10 million - this covers Benjamin James Roofing Limited for injury or disease to people we employ.

Are all your employees trained in Health and Safety requirements?

Health and Safety is taken very seriously for obvious reasons particularly given the inherent risks involved in working at heights. Our current competences include:

Fully trained for working at heights – this means we have attended and passed courses on the legislation, accident statistics, working at height procedures, types of work platforms, ladders and trestles, roof work and bad practices

Asbestos Aware certified – in accordance with regulation 10 of the control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and supporting ACOP L143 work with material containing asbestos PASMA competent – this means we have passed written and practical examinations in the use and erection of towers from the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufactures’ Association

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